Want Your Lawn to Look Beautiful All Year Long?

Sign up for recurring lawn maintenance services in Elon, NC

Is your green grass your pride and joy? We don't have to tell you that constant lawn maintenance is a lot of work. You probably stick to a diligent watering and fertilizing schedule so it continues to thrive. If you're getting tired of handling all the yard work on your own, partner with May Farm Enterprises for recurring lawn maintenance services in Elon, NC. We can maintain your lawn weekly or bi-weekly, depending on your needs.

Get a beautiful lawn without lifting a finger. Hire us for lawn maintenance services today.

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Don't overlook routine lawn care

Maintaining a healthy and appealing lawn requires constant work. However, we understand that not everyone has the time, energy or resources to care for their lawn. That’s why May Farm Enterprises provides recurring lawn maintenance services in Elon, NC.

With our help, you can...

Stay compliant with your HOA's rules
Avoid issues with pest infestations and plant disease
Take pride in how your property looks to passersby and guests

You won’t have to lift a finger ever again to keep your lawn in great shape. Just leave the recurring lawn maintenance to us.